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Friends of the Hartford Library 

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Our Mission 

Friends of the Hartford Library's  most recent endeavor includes donating $3,000 to help the library reach their goal of installing a new sound and video​ system in the Community Room of the Jack Russell Memorial Library! The total project was completed in late September, costed nearly $18,000 which includes all the equipment, installation, and electrical work. The bequest from the estate of Dolores O’Brien covered the remaining $15,000. The new sound system will be a great benefit to various groups who use the Community Room almost daily. 

Friends of the Hartford Library has a Fall and Winter schedule of programs we put on at the library in the Community Room once a month, in addition to fundraising book drives during the Spring and Fall so that we can continue to support the Jack Russell Memorial Library. 

Helping out the Library 

Friends of the Hartford Library is dedicated to the wellness of our wonderful library and to advancing its mission through advocating, programming, promoting, and fundraising. We sponsor programs free to the public and provide some monetary support such as giving to the library's Summer Reading Program and to the efforts to install a new sound system in the Community Room.​

Friends of the Hartford Library

Friends  of the Hartford Library volunteer at the Hartford Historical Society’s 2018 Home Tour.  For the first year ever the Jack Russel Memorial Library is on the tour circuit featuring our own library history and the history room where genealogy research is a specialty.